Young listeners are the subject of extraordinary attention of the Podkarpackie Philharmonic. We want to act as a guide – a friend of children and young people, who can point out the everlasting values in art, teach them to recognize beauty in music, and inspire them to develop their musical interests on their own. Therefore, we cordially invite you to cooperate in the music broadcasts in the school year 2021/2022. For many years we have been conducting various forms of systematic music education for the young generation. These are school broadcasts as well as special family concerts. The broadcasts have the form of concerts performed by ensembles including professional musicians. They are held in schools or cultural centers throughout the Podkarpackie Region, with a commentary adapted to the age of the audience. The content we offer enriches the knowledge of music, sensitizes the young listener to its unique beauty and brings closer the great centuries-old tradition of European art. We would like to introduce our young listeners the interesting world of classical and sacred music, elements of folklore and popular music.

SCHOOL CONCERTS – symphonic concerts at the Philharmonic with the participation of a symphony orchestra, as well as invited soloists and conductors. Each concert is conducted by a speaker presenting an interesting commentary and introducing young listeners the theme of the concert in an attractive way. After prior telephone arrangement, it is also possible for organized groups of young people to participate in the morning rehearsals of the ensembles of the Artur Malawski Podkarpackie Philharmonic in Rzeszów.


Applications for school concerts and music programs are accepted by the Concert Office:

Grażyna Homa – artistic work organizer ;

Tel. 17 862 85 07